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Welcome to Clive Cams

Since 2001, Clive Stenlake and the team at Clive Cams have been helping drivers get the most out of their engines by not only supplying professionally designed and ground camshafts, but also assisting the engine reconditioning industry and individual driver with reclaiming, refurbishing and repairing existing camshafts.

During his 50 plus years in the industry, Clive has designed a large variety of camshaft profiles suitable for every day street applications, as well as a wide range of racing cars. Assisted by a team with over 20 years of experience, Clive can deliver high quality camshafts.

To find out how we can improve the performance of your vehicle, get in touch with one of our friendly staff today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have cam profiles for my specific make and model?

First, we need to know if you want a standard profile or if you are looking to improve the cam. For any non-standard profile, we then need to know more information, such as what you are doing to the engine and what you’re using it for in order to provide an accurate recommendation.

How does changing the duration affect my engine performance?

Duration has a powerful effect on an engine’s performance profile. Lower duration camshafts will produce more torque in the lower rpm range while camshafts with larger duration specs will sacrifice some low rpm torque for upper rpm power. The rule of thumb is that each 10-degree change in duration, the powerband of the engine moves up or down in the rpm range by 500.

What's the difference between intake centerline and lobe separation?

Lobe separation angle is simply the number of degrees separating the peak lift points of the intake and exhaust lobes. Lobe separation can’t be altered after the cam has been ground. In contrast, the intake centreline spec is the location of the centreline (or peak lift point) of the intake lobe in relation to top dead center of the piston. This can be adjusted when degreeing the camshaft. For example, if your camshaft has a 115-degree lobe separation specification and you install it 4-degrees advanced, then the intake centerline spec is 111-degrees.

A few general rules of thumb here: A tighter lobe separation results in a narrower, higher peaked powerband. A wider lobe separation results in a broader powerband. In addition, if you advance the centreline you create more bottom end power, and you get more top end power if you retard the centreline.